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ourladyofiscariot asked:

i would legit pay you at some point for a yumiko/yumie print omg

Dude I would totally make prints, t shirts, and posters it’s really up to you guys. All i need to know is if there is a demand for it honestly I already have a society6 setup.

Currently my commissions are close because of college, and they probably won’t open back until around December.

But I am definitely always open to ideas you guys don’t even have to hesitate to ask me or share if you have one.

Holy i disappear from my art blog for two days and bam how the heck did that Alucard reach 500+ notes. Y’all no it’s garbage XDDDDD.

Anyway school started but at least my schedule is pretty decent so it shouldn’t effect me too much in the drawing department. Unless I run into trouble with my computer science classes cause that’s the bulk of my schedule.

I doubt it though T_T i have to maintain a high gpa regardless to keep my scholarship.

I still want to design a hellsing shirt cause I can never find one but still brainstorming in that department.

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